Tuesday, March 20, 2001    


The wonderful ladies of dMarie!

By:Carol T.

Where else can you go to find out how to tear mulberry paper, how clean your toilet, where to buy cardstock in the perfect shade of baluuuuuuuuueeeee, what to make for dinner, cry on someone's shoulder, complain about your in-laws, or what to title those adorable pictures of your ds streaking through the house?? Well, my one stop place on the internet is dmarie picture talk!!

No other place offers so many wonderful, giving people, ready to help you handle the challenges of everyday living or scrapbooking. Post a question or request on picture talke, and you will most likely have a response the next time you check in! Ask for title or layout suggestions, and your next challenge will be choosing which one of the many you like the best!

Perhaps the best thing, though, about picture talk is how welcoming it can be to newcomers. Even though some of us have been coming to picture talk for years, new posters always get a warm welcome, and an invitation to come again, real soon!!

I can't imaging a more caring, giving, and intelligent community online. Dmarie and Mark have created a wonderful, warm place, in Picture Talk -- and that's what I like best at Dmarie!

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: Untitled, by Michele R.

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