Sunday, March 21, 1999    


Family Stories

By:Orlando, Florida

Only since I've gotten older have I come to realize just how important all those stories are that we tell our friends, our families, and our children.

Looking back through my old photo albums, I see pictures of picnics gone by ... friends I thought I'd never forget ... events that were so important at the time to warrant a whole roll of film; forever lost in that memory of mine that has filled with more recent thought.

My scrapbooks now include stories that make me smile, even laugh out loud, with the memory of a word spoken or a task undertaken. Or some remind me of the sorrow encountered with the loss of a loved one. Stories that I can read when I'm ninety to remind myself of the full life I've lived. Stories that will tell my decendants their history.

I spend my time encouraging my daughter to journal thoughts on her activities - although she doesn't believe that she will ever forget the name of that boy she took to the 'Sadie Hawkins' dance, or the town that last sports meet was in.

Regardless of what you call it - scrapbooking, journaling, photo albums - it's the stories of our lives!

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