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By:Michele R.

Who would have ever thought that my life would be so changed by this craft they call scrapbooking?!?!? Not me! I have had many hobbies in my lifetime, but none that have taken over my life like scrapbooking. I can honestly say that for the last five or so years that I have been scrapping, I have had a new outlook on life. Wanna know how? I thought you would. And I am sure that you can relate.

Before scrapbooking I found utter enjoyment out of clothes. I loved buying clothes. I loved having new clothes. Just the thrill of getting something on sale was a high for me. NOT NOW!!! Now, I have found other things to spend my money on. SCRAPBOOK SUPPLIES!!! I have to have every punch that is made and every new product out there. I just simply can't bear not to. So, my wardrobe has basically been the same for the last five years. Except the occasional purchase here and there ( that is when I get holes in things!). The way I look at it is most scrapbooking supplies re cheaper than clothes....right???

Since we do not have ANY scrapbook stores in my immediate area, I have grown to love the UPS men and women and my postal carrier. You see, I order most of my supplies through the internet, so it all comes via UPS or US mail. Therefore, everytime I make an order, I look forward to greeting the delivery person at the end of my driveway, even if just to ask if they have a package for me. I don't know if they think I am crazy or just really friendly.

My picture taking has defintely changed since I started this wonderful hobby. I not only take more pictures, I plan my pictures. I take pictures of eery theme that has ever been done in scrapbooking. I have to try it all. I have to do it all. And if I see a new scrapbook product, I think of a way that I can take pictures in order to use the product. thta way I can justify having every supply out there.

As you can see, I am a changed woman. This craft has made me a better spender, friendlier to my postal carriers and able to keep the one hour developer closest to my house in business. Who could ask for anything more? I know that I couldn't. I hope I will be like this for several more years to come!!!

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