Friday, March 21, 2003    


Why I Love Scrapping!

By:Marjie Kemper

Why do I love scrapping? Let me count the ways! Scrapbooking is the best release I know... it's a wonderful outlet after (or during!) a long day with my two boys, and the end result is something the whole family can enjoy. I started in 1999 and have gone the way of so many other hopelessly-addicted scrappers.... you know the kind:

- We open a coloring book to spend time with the kids, and then surreptitiously rip out a page for ourselves because it looks like it would make a good paper piecing pattern.

- When we look at the newspaper to check out upcoming local events, we think about page possibilities and make our family fun day choices based on that.

- We flip through our old albums to see what color the kids were wearing on previous birthdays, so we can have a whole new color palette to play with this year. You know, we dress em to match the papers we want to play with!

- A few minutes on the computer quickly turns into an hour as we browse all the great layouts on, especially when we can search by all those great categories.

- We belong to so many e-groups that our inboxes are filled with more layouts, ideas, swaps and sale announcements than anything else.

- We shun Tupperware parties but would gladly go to a crop or stamping party in a heartbeat.

Simply put, there is no better hobby for me!

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