Thursday, March 22, 2001    


Scrapbooking, a permanent part of my life!

By:Carol T.

Once upon a time, I was a seamstress -- I LOVED to sew, and made all of my daughter's clothes, all of our curtains, and even made quilts for every room in the house.

Then I discovered scrapbooking!!

My poor loney sewing machine is collecting dust in the corner of the room -- I only visit it on occaison, and then only out of necessity!

Not only has scrapbooking taken up my crafting time, but it has taken up vacation time, too! We can't go away for a weekend, let alone a true vacation without me checking all the scrapbook stores within an hours drive of our route! I've even planned family vacations around scrapbooking! Why else would you take your family to 6 flags over Texas in July???? Especially when you live in Orlando -- the theme park capital of the world!

I try to scrapbook a little each day -- it may mean I read a magazine, scribble an idea, sort pictures, or create a page.

Scrapbooking has become my primary source of relaxation and "therapy" -- it has given me a creative outlet, while also creating precious heirlooms for my family!

There is no doubt that scrapbooking has improved the quality of my life, for the better!

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