Friday, March 23, 2001    


An Old Fashioned Neighborhood

By:nancy k.

A friend of mine was always talking about the "dMarie" ladies - who ARE they? I asked! Denise told me it was a message board of women who do scrapbooking. I was just getting into scrapbooking so I was curious.

Well, over the past two years that I have been visiting Photo Talk, I have met some of the nicest women. The cyber friendships that I have made are very special. The sharing of each other's lives and the prayers and well wishes for each other bring back memories of how neighborhoods used to be.

dMarie is definitely a neighborhood of friends. And, of course, our local store is the dMarie shopping catalog! Our purchases are delivered right to our door! The wait is not very long at all - maybe a day or two at the most! What wonderful service our neighborhood store provides.


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