Sunday, March 23, 2003    


Is it a cookbook or a scrapbook?


Scrapbooking is important to for several reasons. First and of utmost importance, it is a preservation of my family history. I have always wished that my parents had taken more pictures of me when I was younger, and only more recently has my Mom begun to organize those that they have so that I can enjoy them. I want my daughter to be able to know of her early activities and achievements, those that she will not be able to remember.

A scrapbook is a fun and enjoyable way to document this information for her benefit. And believe it or not, at 18 months old she loves to look through our scrapbooks - hers especially. Just yesterday, I was flipping through a cookbook and my daughter pointed to it and said "scrapbook." You can tell which of those two things I spend more time and effort on. =)

Another thing I really like about scrapbooking is it helps me focus on the positive aspects of raising children. Even when she makes a huge mess, instead of getting frustrated about the work, I can think what a cute page it will make if I can just capture it on film. It helps me to realize how proud I am of my daughter and I want her to be able to know that and see it in my scrapbooks. I think it will help our relationship in the future.

Last, but certainly not least, scrapbooking is important because it is a fun hobby, both to shop for and to sit at the table and scrapbook, that takes my mind off some of the humdrum chores of every day. In other words, while recording special histories, scrapbooking is my fulfilling reward for my own hard work!

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