Saturday, March 24, 2001    


Scrapbooking Generations

By:Sheila S

From the time I was able to cut with a scissors,which was around the age of four,I have had the urge to create something that will catch the eye on a scrapbook page. My mother would take tons of photos of each of the nine children and collect them and put them in each of our own books.

I am very thankful that she did so. Now I have pictures to share with my children and I also have a reminder of the happy times of my childhood. Now scrapbooking has become an obsession of enjoyment. I enjoy creating different layouts and using new scrapbook supplies, as well as spending time with friends in order to get their opinion. Using different internet sites or just seeing a title or page starter might spark an idea for a page that I will create. Working on a page helps me relax and is my release from housework. Each page that I work on shows my own work that I did. Everytime that I show one of my albums to someone, I feel a sense of pride.

My daughter who is only four years old, also has started her own album and also enjoys creating. She wears a smile while she is working and her smile is worth a million. I hope the enjoyment of creating memories of a lifetime will be handed down to my daughter's children and will continue to make happy lasting memories for all.

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