Saturday, March 25, 2000    


Scrappy Love

By:Marianne Talaugon

Scrapbooking for me, is a way to relax like taking my technical thinking cap off and putting on a more relaxing and more rewarding creativity cap. Working in the computer field full time makes me want to unwind and scrapbooking has provided me with this outlet.

Scrapbooking is important for me because it helps me keep my sanity in a fast paced world. It's also important because the days you experience will never come back, and all the days of your life are very precious. By taking pictures, journals and scrapping, you freeze a point in time and you are able to re-experience, at least even in your memories, the moments you hold so dear, at other times. And when scrapbooking for others and about others, it lets them know that you love them and they are a part of your loving circle because you took the time to create something for them.

I've been scrapping over ten years now but have just become acid-free since last year. How has scrapbooking changed my life? I look for scrapbook moments even in the simplest of things.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: I KNOW I am Addicted to Scrapbooking, by Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.

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