Sunday, March 26, 2000    


I KNOW I am Addicted to Scrapbooking

By:Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.

I know I am addicted to Scrapbooking. If there were a "Betty Ford" type clinic, my DH (Darling Husband) would definitely have me committed! I would never recover because after 5 ˝ years it is now in my blood! I no longer have 0+ it is now OSB+ and if I am ever in an accident and need a transfusion; well you better just take me to a major hospital and put out the all points bulletin for scrappers!

My most recent proof of this addiction was the 2500+ cows that I punched out (half of which was punched on the power punch I got with my $20 gift certificate I earned on dMarie … and now you know how much I spent here the last couple of years!) Now, you may wonder why I would need over 2500 cows? Well, when you cut off their heads and their tails and turn them upside down…. You get a LEGO! I don't do "two" page spreads of an event… I could never have chosen 8 - 10 of the 56 pictures that I took to capture the moment! (After all, it was a whole day!!! I think I ended up throwing away 4-5) So, I spent HOURS framing the photos with the cows … I mean, LEGOS in a color coordinated pattern (red, blue, yellow, green) and I must humbly say that I am very pleased with the 32 page spread. Overkill? Insane? Do I have a life? You may say that… My friend Stacy sure does! In fact her last words to me at the last crop we attended were "I sure hope the next time I see you … you are through with those blasted cows!" Well, I'll surprise her tonight… I'm even past the SEA WORLD layout … or do they have a WHALE PUNCH??? LOL!

I'm on my son's 16th album (one is his Taekwondo Specialty album and 15 are his life albums) and he is only 9 ˝. Overkill? Well, I want him to have a photo history of more than just Christmas and Birthdays (which is what my albums [3] consist of - not that I think that that is bad - I just want more for him). I want him to remember the Easter it snowed in Tucson and we built a snowman on the hood of the car because it was colder than the ground. I want him to remember every advancement through the belt ranks of Taekwondo. I want him to say 15 or so years from now "I really liked to dig in the dirt, didn't I?" And I, want to be able to look back through the albums and remember his only GIANT tantrum (that's in there as well) and say "He always was a good kid and I just won't interfere with his choices now that he's grown".

People ask me what 'He's' going to do with all those albums (which if I keep on the same pace will number around 40) - Well, I hope he shares them with his kids … to show them what he was like. And, I hope that by then I've captured enough of his life so he'll remember how happy he was as a child.

Well, I have to go pack up my CIS Bags - I'm off to scrap for 6 hours and DH and DS are going to work on building that scrapping station they promised me for my Birthday! Life is wonderful!

P.S. I do have a life outside of scrappin - there are even times (although few and far between when I actually do not have my camera within 100 yards of me!) But, that's another story…

Happy Scrappin,


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