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Evolution of a Scrapper

By:Michelle B.

Evolution of a Scrapper

1. “CUT a picture? You’ve got to be kidding!”
2. “Well those sure are cute pages. I’m not that creative.”
3. “You have IDEA BOOKS? Let me see them.”
4. “ I guess I’ll need an album, some adhesive, and paper.”
5. “Oh, I also need some templates, stickers, die cuts, and one of those trimmers.”
6. “I can’t get my page to look exactly like the one in the book!”
7. “Oh, you mean you can COVER your mistakes with some cardstock? I think I need some more cardstock.”
8. “You mean I have to WRITE in my album? I will need a pen. What should I write?”
9. “I finished my first page. Do you like it?”
10. “You know, I have a ton of zoo pictures, and Jr. needs his school pages done; I need another album and some more cardstock.”
11. “You have PATTERNED PAPER? I’ll take two of each.”
12. “NEW STICKERS? I’ll take some.”
13. “NEW DIE CUTS? I’ll take some.”
14. “NEW CUTTING SYSTEM? I’ll take one!”
15. “NEW IDEA BOOKS? I’ll take one of those too!”
16. “NEW MAGAZINE? I’ll buy it! Sign me up for a subscription!”
17. “PUNCHES? You mean you can MAKE something with them?”
18. “Where can I buy punches—lots of them?”
19. “I need a binder to hold all of my stickers; I need something to tote all of this paper; and I need an IRIS CART for my punches!”
20. “RUBBER STAMPS? You can use those too? Let me see that catalog!”
21. “I need ANOTHER IRIS CART for my stamping supplies!”
22. “Rope, wire, buttons, MULBERRY PAPER—does Michael’s carry all of that?”
23. “Hold on, I’m on getting ideas for my layout!”
24. “Sorry honey, you’ll have to make dinner.”
25. “Clean socks are in the dryer!”
26. “We can go there for vacation IF they have a scrapbook store!”
27. “HOLD IT! I have to get a picture for the SCRAPBOOK!”
28. “Would you please wear this shirt? I have the cutest paper to use in my layout, and it will match perfectly!”
29. “YES, I came up with the idea myself.”
30. “YES, that is my own handwriting.”
31. “YES, I make time to scrapbook.”
32. “Honey, we need to add a room to the house for my Scrapping room!”
33. “Life is crazy; I just need to CROP!”
34. Tax time: “Yes, scrapbooking is a medical deduction---it’s THERAPY!”

Michelle B. aka Snail Lady

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