Sunday, March 28, 1999    


My Scrapbooking Addiction

By:Melodie Jones, Yorba Linda, CA

When I took a Creative Memories workshop over 8 years ago, I never imagined how it would change my life. Even though I didn't keep up with my memory album at that time, eventually I heard the calling. Two years ago, a friend told me of a workshop she was hosting at work. Since I knew I many of the supplies already, I decided to join her. From that moment on, I became addicted. With this addiction, came an addiction to chatting on the internet with other scrapbookers, and surfing the scrapbooking websites, learning about new techniques and products. I joined 5 different scrapbooking e-mail lists, where I've gained additional information for my addiction.
From chatting on dMarie, I have personally met over 15 fellow scrapbookers, several of whom with I have developed a true friendship. I have found that most scrapbookers are willing to help anyone with a problem or question, even to the point of sending a requested sticker, die cut, or even punched paper to total strangers, just because they could. It has been remarkable to see such overwhelming generosity.

With the group from work, we crop during lunch 2 to 3 times a week, and occasionally hold a Saturday all-day crop. Still, this wasn't enough to satisfy my addiction, so I started a scrapbook club. The Yorba Linda Scrapbook Club meets every Friday at a local craft store, Tall Mouse. Since forming the scrapbook club, Tall Mouse has asked that I start teaching scrapbook classes. I felt very honored and up to the task. Two years ago if someone had asked me to teach any type of class, I would have turned them down. Now I feel confident in what I do and I feel I can help teach others what a wonderful craft this is.

I have had two scrapbook pages published. To me, this is equal to a short story author having her story published in a magazine or book. One page was published in Memory Makers, and another page was published in Hot Off The Press's new book called "Making Wonderful Scrapbook Pages".

Scrapbooking has added excitement, pride and many friends to my life. It is something that I feel will be with me forever.

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