Wednesday, March 28, 2001    


Spending my day at Dmarie

By:Judy V. aka A.J.

It's been two years now since I found the Dmarie site and each day gets better and better. It was rough in the beginning. I remember feeling left out of certain threads, and even getting mad once or twice and swore I would never

That was then........and this is now. Now I spend each and everyday at Dmarie. I wake up and check messages........I run my errands and come back home and check messages. I go about my afternoon and I pop back in and check messages and after dinner I sit and check again. Oh, let's not forget one more check before bedtime. And just recently (two years I've been ordering wonderful products from Dmarie.

I have found so many fantastic friends here. So many GIVING friends. There's nothing these ladies won't do for one of us. We've shared good times, sad times.....PIMP's times and more. Just recently I shared the story of my neighbor boy with everyone here. I no sooner told my plan of providing Baby Tate's mom with scrapbooking supplies and my front door was swinging open everyday with packages upon packages upon packages. I knew my neighbor just had to find this wonderful craft we all share called "scrapbooking." I felt it was very important for her to start. I knew it would be the greatest therapy for her during this troubled time in her life. And for the first time in my life, I was right.

She was overwhelmed when I presented her with these scrapbooking goodies.
Brought to tears and told me "this was the most personal gift anyone had ever given her". I can't THANK all of you here for sending these wonderful items.

Just recently Baby Tate passed away. How sad this was......he fought so hard and long for every breath he took. I remember Renee' coming to my house and telling me this news and saying to me " I feel I let everyone down " I didn't know what to say to her.

She's struggling everyday now to put her life back together......and you know what? I know she'll do it! One day soon, she will come into Dmarie with my help to thank all of you wonderful ladies. And once again my friends at Dmarie have come through. Several of you have sent cards or notes to her and I know this means the world to her. Think about this, you don't even know my neighbor Renee', however you've helped her in so many ways. THANK YOU.

We continue our days......missing Baby Tate, thinking of him and his mom often. My friend Sarah St. told me to tell Renee' that her "Ladybug" was playing with Tate now. I did and Renee' was deeply touched.

So if you ever need a friend.....or if you ever need a laugh, Dmarie is the place to be. If you're a lurker or a newbie and just don't feel part of this wonderful group of need to post everyday, ask anyone anything and before you know it you'll be spending your day at Dmarie like I do.

I want to thank MARK for allowing me to re-write my essay since Baby Tate's first essay was all about Baby Tate before he passed away. THANK YOU're the best !!

A.J. Velasco aka Miss Canasta, Idaho Falls, Idaho

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