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dMarie The Place To Be

By:Lori P.

This isn't the first scrapbooking internet site I found you know. I did find another one first, and "thought" it was great. I was an internet novice, in fact, I was a computer novice. The only thing I wasn't novice at was scrapbooking. It was my passion, so when I finally purchased a computer and got online I figured that a scrapbooking chatroom would be a fairly harmless way to learn to navigate. One evening I was chatting with some girls and thinking that they could sure be a bit brutal. We began taling about posting layouts, and I said I didn't have the foggiest idea of how to scan my layouts, much less post them somewhere. One of the gals suggested that I check over at this place called dmaries. Seems they had a special place for layouts over there. Then the group went on bickering about spelling errors and punctuation, and generally flaming one of the others. Of course I didn't know flaming is what it was called.

After tiring of their talk I decided to have a look at this dmarie. WOW! I just happened to stumble into chatland that night in June and I have never been back to that other site yet! I think the night I fell through the looking glass we were cruising to places unknown. It was a start studded night. Mel may have been there in person, its difficult to remember. What I do remember was that so many said "hello jojo, welcome to chatland...set your number at 30 and keep hitting reload to see the new posts, hit post if you want to say something." It was such a warm room, it was friendly, and helpful. So began my dmarie experience. I soon began to think of diane s as a cyber angel, extending a helping hand to an inexperienced cyber traveler.

Shortly after wandering into chat land I went to picture talk. I must admit it took me quite a while to get the hang of that and I lurked for quite sometime. I do know that I posted a question about scanning. If you remember, that was my reason for coming to dmarie in the first place. Immediately these gals that knew me from no one were offering help. Kelly E sent me an extensive but easy to follow instruction sheet that had me stitching in no time. Michelle B did the same. To think, the first two places that I happened to find at this site and friendliness is what I found. Now don't get me wrong, I don't wear blinders or rose colored glasses. It could certainly get controversial, even heated, sometimes down right nasty, but not often. Usually the differences of opinion were heated at best, and if one person got flamed there were immediately folks jumping to her defense. I experienced that myself one time when a nasty little troll with neon green hair posted something ugly using my name. I was heart broken that some thought I was capable of that. I was heartened that I had so many friends come to my side.

So what does dmarie mean to me? What do I like most about hmmm......the excellent shopping and great customer service; the hard work that Mark and DMarie both put into their store and this site; the things that I have learned to do with my computer on a scrapbooking site of all places!; the friendships that I have made (there are several gals that I "talk" to often, some more than my mother *gasp*); the love that has been shared; the prayers that have been answered 9including my own); and the strong sense of comunity. These are the reasons I love dmarie, and keep coming back.

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