Friday, March 28, 2003    


Why is scrapbooking important to me.

By:Joan K. Pocatello, ID

I feel scrapbooking is important for your family history. I have done an individual album for each of my kids and each grandchild. They are so excited to look at their album. It is about them and that makes them important. It is wonderful to look at the albums and see how the kids change and grow as individuals.

They will have these albums to show their kids and grandkids and hopefully remember me with the love that I have for them. The layouts will bring back wonderful and maybe not so wonderful memories of their childhood and adulthood.

Most important to me it is something I love to do and I have met so many wonderful people through this craft. I have never met a scrapbooker that has disapointed me. We all have a goal to create and make memories to cherish forever.

Another reason scrapbooking is important to me is it is such great theorpy. I have had things happen in my life that were emotional. To do the layouts and journalling really helps me to work through my thoughts and feelings.

In my life scrapbooking is a family affair. My mother, sister, daughter, daughter inlaw, 2 sister inlaw's and myself all scrapbook. It is always fun to get together and remember all the fun times and share all the fun pictures with each other.

Thanks Mark and dMarie for giving us this wonderful site so we can learn and support each other.

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