Thursday, March 29, 2001    


The love of the Crop


Every working woman needs a break from the day to day activities of their lives. Most of us are the controllers of our house. No matter how loving, helping and wonderful our husband may be. When it comes down to it we are the only one that really knows when we are out of toilet paper or laundry detergent. When we need milk or the Baby is out of Diapers. With all the household duties we also have all the stuff at work piling up in our little heads. We need a break.

Scrapbooking is the most wonderful way to step outside of our house and bond with new friends while keeping our family’s in our hearts. We look at the many different pictures we take and we find ways to creatively place them in a book to leave our mark in their lives forever. We tell stories of our children’s lives and our lives as a family.
We get to be creative, expressing our selves in so many different ways. It may take us hours on hours to create just one layout. That layout comes from the heart. It shares to our family and friends a little part of us.

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