Wednesday, March 3, 1999    


Could it be that Scrapbooking is Dangerous?

By:By Lyn Meeker, Tucson AZ.

Last year I broke my finger scrapbooking! Now I have never broken any bones in my life and I used to be quite active! I suppose you are all wondering how it happened? Well, I was reaching for an album to work on when my ring finger on my left hand connected with the bookcase [solid oak] and I heard this "pop" and felt PAIN! Being the scrapaholic I am - I shook it off (really I thought I'd just corked it) and continued my scrappin'.

I decided to wrap it about an hour later because it looked like it might be swelling and as added insurance I took off my wedding ring. It all seemed to be better (I even went on vacation) until I was bringing in the groceries about four weeks later...."I will never carry more than two bags at a time" [new mantra]....Once again I felt PAIN and I figured that I had fractured my off to the urgent care and Xrays and $$ later - I found out that it had been broken weeks earlier! So it was off to Occupational therapy (after the specialist really cranked on my finger ... now that was P-A-I-N!) - So I put up with the treatments, did my exercises faithfully...Oh did I mention that I was left handed??? I was given a goal of 12 weeks to recoup - but, because the urge was so great to get back to scrappin' - I couldn't do much of anything, and don't ask me to use my right hand for the important stuff! I was back to scrappin in three weeks! (There was also the goal to not have that specialist crank on my finger anymore...that really hurt!)

All this above is the reason why I can't get enough of scrapbooking! I have been scrappin' for 4 1/2 years and I now try to capture as much of my childs life as possible. Most of the pictures I have accumulated of myself were of holidays and other special occasions and fill 3 albums for the years prior to my marriage. I believe that each and every day is a special occasion. I really get a kick out of my son saying "Grab the camera mom! Come take a picture of me and this tower I just built!) and as I am grabbing that camera ... I am already thinking up the page topperor Layout...and of course I know where I can go if one doesn't pop into my head by the time the film is developed!

I can now tell when the weather is going to change because my finger gets sore, but then I think - well that is just another picture opportunity coming up!

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