Thursday, March 30, 2000    


A Dad's Life

By:maureen d.

For my Dad's birthday and Fathers Day I decided to make a scrapbook about my dads life. I thought this would make a perfect gift for a man who has everything. As it turns out the scrapbook was the best gift I could have given him. My Father was deeply moved and touched by the scrapbook.

While scrapbooking I discovered that I enjoyed and loved it
very much. I enjoyed looking at old pictures and remembering the good times we shared. It brought back a lot of memories. It was fun learning about my Dad's heritage. There were things I learned about my Dad that I never knew. With scrapbooking you learn about your past, present and future. I never realized how important scrapbooking would become or how it would change my life until I made one.

A few months after I gave my Dad the scrapbook he passed away. His death was sudden and came as a shock to everyone. The funeral director had asked us if we wanted to bring any momentos to the wake. We decided to bring the scrapbook. At the wake, people looked through the scrapbook and began to share stories about my Dad. I never realized how much his life touched others. People began to celebrate his life rather than his death. A scrapbook leaves a lasting legacy for future generations. Whenever I miss my Dad I look through the scrapbook. when I look through the scrapbook I know my Dad is nearby and close to my heart.

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