Friday, March 30, 2001    


What I like most about

By:Christy K

I would have to say the thing I like most about, is that is is so darn friendly here! I love going into picture talk and not just reading about scrapbooking, but I get to read about other peoples lives. I can read about accomplishments, troubles, gripes, and everyone is ready and willing to reply with encouragement and support. I feel as if I am part of scrapbooking neighborhood that loves and adores each of their neighbors.

I always am able to read something that will put a smile on my face. I absolutly love Mark's sense of humor (his humor reminds me of my husbands) I have to read every post by Mark, because if I don't I am afraid I will miss something incredibly funny and witty. I wish I was near their storefront, I could guarantee you it would be my favorite store, because Mark and dMarie are so friendly and personable.

In conclusion I would have to add that I LOVE the selection of scrapbooking supplies here at dMarie. They have tons of stullff, and they aren't priced bad either! Whenever I want to check out something that has just come out and is brand new I know that I can usually find here at dMarie. Thanks dMarie for a wonderful store and site. I enjoying coming here daiy!

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