Saturday, March 30, 2002    


Scrapbooking IS important

By:Abby Ross

When I work on my scrapbooks, I never for a minute doubt that I am doing something that is very important, not only to me today but to all of the generations who will come after me.

When I am gone, who will remember that Sarah Kate screamed all night long for weeks, or that she got first chair All-Region orchestra and first chair All-Region choir in the eighth grade?

Who will remember that, when Beth was born, her daddy and I used to stand over her crib and wonder, in awe, if God had sent us an angel?

Who will remember that, when Robby was five and played soccer, he cheered for his team and the other team, just because it was such fun?

Who will remember that I was convinced, every April, that the red clover that blazed on the highway was my birthday gift from God?

Who will remember my favorite books and music, so they can be shared with my great-grandchildren?

My children will, as will there children, because I scrapbooked all those things.

I will never be able to leave them money or land, but I will leave them something even more important: their heritage.

Itís an irreplaceable gift that no one else can give them, and someday, I know they will be glad that I did it.

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