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Why I Scrapbook

By:By Rhonda S., Fairfield, CA

I began scrapbooking about 1.5 years ago. Both of my teenage daughters were in high school and also involved in many extra curricular activities. I was always taking pictures. My mother showed me a scrapbook that she had started, she was very excited about it. I immediately started collecting supplies. I began a book for each of my daughters titled "the high school years". The girls love their albums and show them to all their friends. They always bring me lots of pictures and page ideas. But they have not caught the scrapping bug themselves. I believe when there schedules slow down some they will. Because they enjoy all of the pages I make so much, I know they will want to do the same for there familes.
I also started a family album and did my wedding album. It was very difficut going back to the old photos, trying to scrap them, but it was also a fun, learning experience. I took pictures to my parents, in-laws and friends to find out who other people were in the pictures. In doing this we were able to relive these times. Alsothe family and friends always wants to see the pages I create with the pictures.
It is so important to let your scrapbook tell your family's story. People's time on this earth can be so short, yet their memory can live on in our hearts and minds when we see a picture and read the story behind the picture.
My husband's grandfather died at the age of 94, when our son was just 1.5 years old. We have pictures of Drew with his great grandfather that are priceless. Drew really loved going to visit "Pops". Whenever we went there, Drew would go down to the TV room where Pops would be. Drew is now 5 and when he lookes at these pictures of himself with his grandfather, he knows who he is and we read about the things they use to do together. If I did not scrapbook this, Drew would never remember a man that died when he was 1.5.
I believe every family has a story to tell. We have so much history that should be passed on to our children. I believe it will give them a deeper since of self.
I have since gotten my sister and a couple of friends involved in scrapbooking.
I love it because it is important and I can express my creativity also.

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