Sunday, March 31, 2002    


Treasured Memories


A very dear friend of mine that I have known from childhood was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is many things; a friend, a wife, a mother, a doctor, a daughter, a scrapbooker, the list goes on. Thank goodness she is a scrapbooker. She has two small children, 2 and 4 months.

We are all very optomistic that she will survive this, afterall, we live in a time of great technology, and there are more cancer survivors than ever. But, for one instant lets entertain the fear that she won't make it. He children are so small. Her two year old would remember very little about her mommy and her baby would not remember her at all.

The time she puts into her scrapbooks is precious and cannot be laid aside. It is her legacy to her children. Her books may be one of the few things they have to know their mother. These girls need to know their mama was beautiful, and smart and had a kind heart. They need to know that she loved God, and wanted her girls to love God. They need to know that their mama went weak in the knees with love for them. These may not be tangible things seen on the surface of a picture, but when they look a little deeper and see the work that she did, and the pictures she took, they will learn these things.

I pray with all my heart that my sister in heart grows old. I pray that her childrens children feel her embrace. I pray that she continues to work on her legacy for her girls, scrapbooks they will cherish....and I look forward to the day she looks through them with her grandchildren.

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