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By:Betty S

Scrapbooking? You mean the manila-colored sheets on which one glues or tapes newspaper clippings and memorabilia? The bulky books that are difficult to store and even more difficult to get others enthused about looking at? That is what I understood scrapbooking to be until about a year ago. Then a lady came into my home presenting to a small group the methods of cropping, arranging, and journaling pictures in a memory book that made pictures exciting and meaningful not only to those pictured but also to family and friends who knew us.

That presentation created in me a love of scrapbooking; and, therefore, the desire to create scrapbooks for my children and grandchild. Now when I visit with seldom-seen family members or friends, I take along scrapbook pages. Since the scrapbook pages tell a lot on a few pages in an attractive way. I haven't heard any groans, only oohs and aahs.

Since being introduced to scrapbooking, I have assembled several pages. My most fun pages tell the story of my youngest daughter's senior high-school year. How exciting, also, to create pages for my first grandson from profiles of his mother, pregnant; the child's birth day; his growing and his family experiences. I am looking forward to the creation of pages for all four of my children, current grandchild and future grandchildren, plus our entire family "history."

Scrapbooking has excited other interests in related areas. I took a class in calligraphy so I can make the pages "pretty." When instruction in stamping was available, I enrolled. Wow! Embossing and stamping add variety. Would a scrapbook, which tells a family's history, be complete without family trees? Well, now I am working on family trees through a computer software program to complement scrapbooking.

Do I love scrapbookig? Absolutely!
Is scrapbooking important to me? Wonderfully so!
Has it changed my life? Enrichingly so!

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