Sunday, March 4, 2001    


Supportive Inspiration

By:momt, Keystone, IA

What do I like most about dmarie? I would have to say the support and the inspiration one can recieve from dmarie chatland. I am not new to scrapbooking but am sort of new to the computer, and was definately new to chat lines. Everyone is very nice and willing help. One not only can recieve help in making a page, one can receive emotional support from those on the chat line. I often browse through the store and then check out the new layouts, always ending up at the chat line. If you have had a bad day it only takes a few minutes to cheer up when your on dmarie chatland. Someone is always there with a friendly smile , a cute comment, or a laugh (LOL).

I do not seem to have any problems developing my pages but often do not know what to title them or come up with a clever saying for journaling, all one needs to do is mention it on chatland and "bingo" page is finished.

Dmarie makes it easy for us "country" girls, instead of driving 45 miles for supplies one can just go to their computer, browse and shop all afternoon. My dh (dear hubby) even let me apply for a credit card of my own so I can shop on line.

The layout central is of course one of the best places I know to get a start on a project. If you get lost for an idea, just bounce around in layout central and you will probably come up with so many ideas you will have to buy more supplies and a new album.

Tomorrow at dMarie Daily: why do I love scrapbooking, or what I did on my summmer vacation...., by skogy, Burnsville, Mn

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