Tuesday, March 4, 2003    



By:Molly H

I love to scrapbook because it helps perserve my memories in such a unique way. I take pictures of just about everything and I love having a fun way to display them so that everyone loves to look at them, not just me. I also love that it is something I can share with my family.

I spend Wednesday, my day off of work, scrapbooking while my kids are in school and when they come home they love to see the pages I made. We often get out our scrapbook and laugh at the silly things we have done together, or marvel at how little they used to be, we feel sadness as we look at the pages of our beloved pet who passed away, but also gladness for the memories we have of him and how much joy he gave us.

I always make sure I take pictures of the everyday stuff we do, our weekly carpet picnics, the boys helping in the kitchen, our dog playing ball, our kitty cat laying on her precious tissue paper, the boys building something in the backyard, those memories are the most important to me and there is no better way to bring them back and keep them than with a scrapbook.

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