Friday, March 5, 1999    


A Member of the Rat Pack....

By:Barbara S.


...or rather, make that a member of the pack rats! Yes, I confess my negatives, slides, and pictures were stored in boxes, envelopes, and magnetic albums! Names, dates, and places omitted in the haste to put them out of the way. And yes, I confess my friends valiantly tried to persuade me to change my pack rat ways! But my life seemed normal and safe and sane. Those days are gone for good now. Iíve finally come to my senses. Iím heeding the wise cries of my peers who have begged me to change my habits. There is no turning back; no longing to return to the old practices. Now my negatives are chronologically arranged in archival sleeves. My slides have been stored and processed into prints. My pictures no longer dwell within a sticky, yellowed album. Journaling is as important as breathing. I have joined a new rat pack--The Sisterhood of Scrappers!

My photos dwell on beautifully adorned pages, in the safest of archival quality books. The story of our lives neatly unfold to those who curiously open the albums. I appear to have turned over a new leaf. My pack rat rut is gone for good, so it seems to company and friends.

But please donít hang your coat in my closet. Please donít attempt to put the dishes in the cabinet. Please donít go to the rec room for entertainment. For the nasty secret still persists. Now in closets, cabinets, and rooms the reams of cardstock, pounds of punches, lengths of stickers, piles of pens, heaps of scissors, adhesives, and die-cuts spill out in pack rat fashion.

Life has changed for good. Cooking meals occur only on Sundays and holidays. Cleaning the house---forget it! Laundry is completed only on a request basis. Sleep canít be had when the creative juices are flowing. Life will never be normal and safe and sane again. Iíve joined a new pack rat society. I canít be bothered with trivials. My joy is to run with the gang on the dMarie web site---the Rat Pack group joined in lifelong kinship through the Scrapbook Sisterhood!

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