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why do I love scrapbooking, or what I did on my summmer vacation....

By:skogy, Burnsville, Mn

I am a SAHM with two wonderful daughters whom I cherish each moment that I spend with them. I wasn't able to stay home with my first dd and now that I am home it is that much more special. It also makes the time that has past a little bittersweet. Time flies by so quickly and these kids grow up so fast that I am so thankful I found this craft. It has changed the way I look at things and I glad that I can chronicle our lives for generations of families to follow.

It is so rewarding to have my dd's pull out the books I have finished and go over and over them. I get a kick out of listening to their memories as compared to the memories I think they had. Sometimes they are the same sometime not. I have been inspired to get a little more caught up than usual lately. (I am 3 yrs behind) A co-worker at my pt job was diagnosed with leukemia this summer and she was joking with us that if she only had six months to live she would never get caught up. (she was a scrapbooker too) Well she never made it past 6-months,to all of our surprise, and left behind three wonderful children who might not remember her mother if she had not concentrated on getting caught up as if she knew she only had limited amt of time.

Her mom's group is continuing the tradition and keeping up with her books as their dad keeps taking picture. These children will always know how much their mom loved them and willalways be able to go and open these books if they need to. I am more commited than ever to these memories chronicled in simple easy layouts so they tell the story of our family and how much I love and appreciate the time we have together.

Susan (Skogy)

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