Wednesday, March 5, 2003    


Scrapbooking Brings Families Together

By:By Cathy, Robinson, TX

When I first learned to scrapbook, I was made fun of by my mother. She could not believe what I was spending so much time and money on and thought it was just some craze I was getting into. That was six years ago. However, after a while, I slowly began to show her all my albums and teach her the importance of preserving our pictures so that they will last for generations to come.

I guess why I love to scrapbook so much now is because it has brought my mother, my daughter (age 10) and myself closer than I ever dreamed. We have turned it into a complete family connection. Even our husbands are offering to take pictures of us now so they can see us in our albums. Occasionally, they even give us an idea or two for a picture or remind us to bring our cameras. This never happened before we started scrapbooking!

Each Thursday, I drive out-of-town to where my mother lives, to spend the day with her scrapbooking. We have now done this for the past 3 years. Everyone knows not to plan or ask us to do anything else on our “Scrapbook Day”. When my daughter is out of school, she also spends the day with us working on her own scrapbooks. We have a wonderful time laughing, remembering wonderful past moments, and sharing stories about our photographs.

This past summer we took our dream vacation to Disneyworld. Hoping to remember every moment of the trip and catching those “scrapbook moments”, we ended up taking 70 rolls of film (at 24 pictures per roll that’s over 1,600 pictures!). We are now beginning those albums and are having the time of our lives! There’s nothing better that scrapbooking with your family and friends! Scrapbooking has become a wonderful bond in our family between a grandmother, daughter, and her 2 granddaughters that I hope will continue to for many years and I hope will continue to generations to come.

My father, however, is wanting to open a center called “Scrapbookers Anonymous” for all the husbands of scrapbookers to send their wives to attend. He’s convinced there’s a need! (Ha! Ha!) I admit it is an addiction but one I hope will continue to attract women of all ages and races around the world!

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