Monday, March 6, 2000    


On the eighth day God Created Scrappin'

By:pammie, BC Canada

From the very first time I went to a home class on scrapbooking I knew in my heart that this had been created 'just for me'. The coordinator of the class didn't even know how to describe what it was we were doing and from the moment the instructor opened her album I knew this was something I had to do. While I had always made photos albums, they were not "safe". I went home that night and literally ripped apart 9 magnetic albums and haven't looked back since. I love scrapping because it allows me to save and document as many moments of my childrens lives as possible. It is not only the celebrations in life I feel we need to capture in photos and journaling but also the tiny small moments of just day to day living. Scrapbooking is important to me because I want to leave my history for my children and my childrens lives for them to pass on to future generations. It also allows me to express my creativity in a very individual way. While there are millions doing this very exhilarating 'craft' no two pages are the same.
Scrapbooking has allowed me to meet people I otherwise would not have the priviledge of knowing. It has also restored my faith in the generosity and kindness, genuine caring of mankind. Scrappers have to be the most giving group of people around, sharing ideas, techniques, supporting personal crisis' and dreams and successes.
I cannot imagine my life without this art that I am so passionate about.

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