Tuesday, March 6, 2001    


How scrapbooking has changed my life

By:Trinity Smith

I started scrapping about 2 1/2 years ago. At first, I couldn't commit myself to the art, but instead just scrapped a few pictures here and there, with most of the time totally neglecting my album. My days instead were filled with my job, my children, and my family and friends. That all changed about 18 months ago when the US Navy moved our family from NY to CA. My husband's new job kept him away from home for long periods of time, and all of a sudden I discovered I was a very lonely stay-at-home mom to two young children.

I tried to immerse myself in the Navy culture. I went to a few functions on the base, but never felt "at home" at any of them. I heard about a Navy Mom and Tots program and decided to try it out. At one of the very first meetings I met some women with similar interests....namely, scrapping! I was so excited to find other women to share my hobby with. It was difficult to dust off that old album and get back into the groove of scrapping, but once I got started, things just took off! Soon my scrapping supplies occupied a permanent spot on our dining room table. It felt wonderful having something to fill the time while my husband was away. I wasn't climbing the walls waiting for his return; I was scrapping away and loving every minute of it!! My new scrapping buddies and I got together once a week to work on our books, and these times scrapping brought us all closer together.

It's been a year now since our little group started. Since then I have become co-coordinator of that same little Mom and Tots group that got me back into scrapping. Along with play dates, our Mom and Tots group now also schedules crops. We're always looking for new members and are eager to greet the new, usually lonely, Navy wives into our scrapping club and perhaps help them feel a little less scared in their new lives. Scrapping has given me such a sense of accomplishment that we have been able to form this network of women who can rely on each other, help each other in times of need, cry, and laugh together. Scrapping together has done all that and more.

I look forward to the remainder of my husband's tour here in CA. With my passion for scrapping and my wonderful scrapping friends, life is good. And regardless of where the Navy may send us next, I know that with scrapping I will always be at home.

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