Wednesday, March 6, 2002    


Scrapbooking is a Bridge


Scrapbooking has been a bridge in my life. That sounds like an odd statement,but when you think about it,its true. Scrapbooking has been a bridge to new friends. Through this hobby ( or should I say obsession?) I have met people just as insane(or obsessed) as me.

We meet at the magazine racks,scoping out the latest issues of Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers.etc. We meet at the local scrapbook stores,checking out the new Jolee's. We meet at crops-I met a neighbor I didn't know at a crop. And we meet online right here at dMarie.

We become fast friends because we have something in common-an enthusiam and love of scrapbooking and preserving memories. We discuss everything here because scrapbookers are the kind of friends you want in your life. Families are important to them and they know the value of teaching and sharing and caring.

Scrapbooking has been a bridge to self esteem. When I look at pages I have completed-I am proud of myself. For one of the worlds worst procrastinators,completed pages say-Yes you can finish something!! They also show how much I love my family. I will probably never be in the HOF, but the look on my kids faces when they look at their albums is a prize to me.

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