Thursday, March 6, 2003    


My other life

By:Beth S.

Scrapbooking is relaxing and therapeutic. It is a stress reliever for me and also allows me to be an artist and creative in my own unique way. I'm an individual and like snowflakes no two scrappers or scrapbook pages are alike. There is no right or wrong way to scrap. I have the freedom to express myself through photos,journaling & the many embellishments available. I love the self esteem it gives to those I scrap for whether its my kids winning free throw, my husbands new job, family members birthdays and friends relationships that I value. Scrapbooking helps me tell people I love & care about them & their lives & that they are important to me.

It is important to preserve the past and celebrate the now & even sometimes predict the future with scrapbooking. Scrapbook albums instill values & promote self esteem & are just great to see where you've been & where you are going & its a visual reminder of the fun times & not so fun times. Usually it helps to look back at a bad time & see how you made it through. Photos encourage us lift our spirits when we are lonely or depressed. Its very satisfying & rewarding to me.

Its changed my life by allowing me to express emotions that are sometimes hard to put into words. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to finish a page or an album. Im more focused on the little things in life & it makes me stop & enjoy every moment. Ive met so many wonderful & inspiring people through scrapbooking- friends I will probably never know by face but defiantly through the heart.

Whats not to love about DMarie... I love everything, the store is always getting the new cutting edge products, the delivery time is awesome & I love that I get bonus points according to what I buy. The layouts inspire me & challenge me to try new things. The daily stories are also an inspiration to me and remind me of how blessed I am. The poem & title sites are awesome, when a page is missing that little something I can find a poem or title to finish it off...

Thanks for providing such a resourceful & fun site...

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