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By:Michele R.

Whoever came up with scaprbooking? Whoever it was- I want to say thank you!! I have been scrapbboking for two and a half years now and I AM ADDICTED!! Not only do I spend time working diligently on my children's books; I also spend time getiing ideas from the layout and inspiration section in the dMarie website. Viewing this site gives me inspiration and motivation for my scrapbooks. Not to mention more things that I "have to have"!

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of friends and family. It is nice to look at them and remember the events that mean so much to you. I have also been faithful at keeping theses memories in albums. People just are not going to look at pictures when they are crammed in a box (except grandparents!!). One day, one of my friends showed me her album that was beautfully cropped and decorated. I feel in love with it! What a beautiful thing to hand down to your children and to your children's children, I thought. I also thought this is something that I MUST DO!!

Right away I began purchasing materials to start making my sons first memory book. My friends book only included Christmas and birthday pages of her two children. I liked the idea so much that I decided to do every picture we had of him. (I know it's crazy-huh? But he was only 6 months old!). I wanted to do something special for him. Something he would cherish and hold close to his heart. Something that he would look at frequently. Something he would appreciate for the rest of his life.

My son is now 3 and we have added a nine month old daughter to our family. I have done every picture of both of them!! Well, every good picture of them! Which is quite a few. I didn't say that I was caught up....but I will be one day soon!! I love doing scrapbooking for them. My son looks at his book all of the time. It was a good reference book when our daughter arrived. We could look back and show him what he looked like as a baby. And we showed some of the funny things that he did at his sisters various stages.

I look at scrapbooking not just as a craft but as a heritage. They are not just pictures they are stories. Stories of our family. Stories of our special times and precious memories. I like scrapbooking because it is fun to do, especially with friends. I love scrapbooking because it is a wonderful heirloom that I can give to my children.

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