Tuesday, March 7, 2000    


Why I Love to Scrapbook

By:By Nina, Mason, OH

I love scrapbooking for many reasons. The most important reason to me is the history of our family that I will be giving to my three children. They will have their own personal books with stories and traditions from our family-a pictorial history along with the all important journaling. I wish I had asked my Grandparents(who are all deceased now)many more questions about their past-how they felt about certain historical events, as well as family stories. I wish I could have recorded their answers, and pictures would have been the icing on the cake. I think it is important for children to know the history of their family. I believe it is important for people to have knowledge of who came before them in their families, in order to have a good sense of where they came from and who they are. This is very important in Heritage albums. I think family scrapbooks show that families and times spent together are important. Families are not to be taken for granted. When you make a scrapbook for a child, it makes them feel important, loved, part of the family. I had few pictures taken when I was young and would love to have more to spark certain memories. Pictures spark and help retain precious memories. Pictures of families enjoying time and events together reinforce the message to our children that family is important. This is not something they ponder--it is just another positive benefit of scrapbooking.
Scrapbooking has introduced me to many wonderful ladies through dmarie picture talk. I am always amazed at their wonderful advice and generousity. It is wonderful to meet others who share your passion.
Scrapbooking has enabled my daughter(14 yrs old) and myself to actually sit down and enjoy scrapping together. With the emotional teen yrs this has been special to me. I hope she'll look back and remember time spent with me scrapbooking with great fondness. Scrapbooking is also a hobby I share with two sisters- albeit long distance. It does give us an excuse to get together at times when we probably wouldn't have otherwise.
On a more lighter note, I love the creativity of scrapbooking. I love planning a layout and seeing it develope. I love reading the idea mags and seeing everyone's beautiful layouts.
How has scrapbooking changed my life? I now spend alot of money on supplies and I'm on the computer way too long searching out new information.lol It has changed my life in that now I feel I have a very worthwhile hobby-not only do I get to enjoy the creative aspects of scrapbooking, but I am leaving a family history for my children.

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