Wednesday, March 7, 2001    


What do you like about you say Taco Soup??

By:skogy, Burnsville, Mn

There are just so many things I like about I like layout central if I need inspiration. There are so many talented ladies out there. Sometimes I get sidetracked with all the layouts and ideas. I also enjoy browsing thought the "aisles" of the "store" however with all of the scrapbook stores in my area I haven't felt to need to order anything as of yet. (sorry Mark and dMarie)

ChatLand is another favorite pastime, I was hooked there for a while, chatting 2 hrs a night but now I have found Picture talk so I try to do both. The board is such a source of information. I found great christmas ideas, recipes, personal advice, product information, inspiration and ideas as well as a great comminity of ladies who provide support, advise and prayers for whoever needs it no questions asked. I was a "lurker" for a while but the pull was just too strong to stay quiet for long.

I am glad that I found it and the Mark and dMarie do such a great job of monitoring it and "keeping it real" Thank you and keep up the good work.

Susan "Skogy"

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