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By:By Nina, Cincinnati, OH

Why do I love scrapbooking? There are many different reasons why I love scrapbooking. If I am being honest, the reason I like it the most is the little thrill I feel when I complete a layout that I really like. I love the artistic side of scrapbooking, although you may find that hard to believe if you saw my layouts.** Each layout I finish seems to become more simpler than the last.

I love the process of completing the pages also. I have a friend who would never dream of spending the time cutting out letters made from templates, but I love it. I truly enjoy figuring out which colors will compliment my pictures, which accessories will add to the layout without overtaking the pictures. The whole creative process in scrapbooking is what I love about scrapbooking. I like the look of pages done by hand.

What I like most about dMarie is picture talk. I have been coming here off and on(mostly on) since the spring of 98. The ladies on pic talk are so generous and giving. I have learned many, many things from them. It's nice if you've been away for awhile and you come back and most of the names are still recognizable. You feel like you know these ladies you've never met. They are willing to help you out with any type question you have. They have taken up donations for those who need their spirits lifted. They are a great group of women.

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