Friday, March 7, 2003    


Why do you love scrapbooking? Why I love scrapbooking!

By:Jen H.

I love scrapbooking for the scrapbooking hangover I have this morning. I love that you can stay up until the wee hours of morning doing something great for your family. I love scrapbooking for the new friendships

I've developed with people I might not have known, if scrapbooking had not been a common interest. I love scrapbooking for the creative outlet it gives me after a day filled with the Wiggles and Blues Clues. I love to look through my scrapbooks and see how I have grown too! My first attempts were sincere, yet not as attractive as later ones. There were months I didn't journal and that makes me sick! Right now I'm into eyelets and they show up on every page.

I love how the products are continually changing and improving, and yet scrapbooking remains the same. Scrapbooking has provided a community for women that is about us, and about us doing something to preserve our families history.

We love to scrapbook and we love our families, that is why scrapbooking is not a craft fad. It will be around as long as women continue to love crafting and love their families, which means forever. I hope my daughters enjoy scrapbooking as much as I do. I want to will all of my treasures to someone who will use them and enjoy them as much as I do.

I love scrapbooking because it helps me recognize what is important in life!

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