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By:By Nina, Cincinnati, OH

Scrapbooking helps preserve memories. I think that is the most important thing about scrapbooking. Seeing a picture will actually trigger a long forgotten memory. I have always loved photos. Unfortunately, my parents did not take many baby pictures of us. Having six kids in eleven years did not leave them much time for picture taking. I want to finish scrapbooks for each of my three children. I feel journaling about their childhood will have great sentimental value for them, especially as they grow older. It is so easy to forget the cute little things they said and did as toddlers.

I love everything about scrapbooking. It has changed my life in many small ways. My free time on the computer is spent gaining scrapbook information. I take way more pictures than I use to and I look for unique picture taking oportunities as well as the everyday experiences I wouldn't have thought of recording before scrapbooking.

It has made me realize how important it is to journal our experiences. I spend my extra money on scrapbook magazines and supplies. Our loft is now my scrapbook room. My sisters and I spend alot of time sharing scrapbook information also.

We are now sharing in creating an anniversary album for my parents. I enjoy scrapbooking so much so I guess you could say it brings joy into my life.

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