Thursday, March 9, 2000    


I love scrapbooking

By:By Joyce Trowbridge,Powell,TENN

I started scrapbooking several years ago. I love the crops where I can meet with the ladies I work with at school. We exchange ideals and have time to work on our scrapbooks without any interuptions from anyone or anything.
I especially enjoy completing scrapbooks for my six grandchildren. Their ages range from two years to sixteen years therefore I have a lot of variety!
Scrapbooking relaxes me after a day at school or after spending a stressful time with my mom at the nursing home. She is 87 years young and my time with her is precious but stressful.
I love looking at the different page layouts on the web and adjusting them to my needs.
Sometime I start scrapbooking on Friday evening and work well into Saturday morning.
I also love teaching my grandchildren the importance of memories for our family and recorded each and every event.

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