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What I like most about

By:Lisa H.

My life motto is $crap or $hop! I live in a scrap supply
wasteland. In order to get to an LSS, I must drive the minimum of two hours or more.

dMarie has been a favorite online store of mine for the past four years. A few things are guaranteed when you
shop with dMarie, great customer service, acid free products, the latest scrapbooking rage, and email notification of any out of stock products.

Each time I have ordered at dMarie, not only has my package arrived in tip top shape, packed with care and
appreciation, it has arrived in a timely manner.

The thing I love the most about dMarie is;
No "i'm sorry backorders", we've charged you for it today, and you'll receive it in two months.

I believe dMarie has recognized the plight of wasteland scrappers, like myself. They have taken every step to make
ordering, simple for even the newbie online shopper. The web site is easy to access, the online shopping secure.

You don't have to hunt and peck to find what you need. The
streamline categories are as easy to access as your local grocery store. You can hit what you need right away, or browse to your heart's desire!

I enjoy the online shopping cart "save" feature. This step is invaluable for those of us who do not have the time for
continuous online browsing!

The choice of supplies dMarie offers are a quality, that I personally have come to count on. Ask a fellow scrapper, hey! where can I find the new punch, paperdoll, template, pen, cardstock, magazine, album, sticker, or storage unit online? The answer will be unanimous:!

Hey! I never figured out how to make the mayonnaise!

But! I have figured out where to shop!

dMarie! Gotta love 'em!

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