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Scrapbooking--My Love, My Life!

By:Becky S

Scrapbooking has changed the total focus of my life. Three years ago, I was an avid painter. Then I attended my first scrapbook class. From that point on, I had a mission. I needed to record our family's legacy so future generations may know more about our family's day to day life, as well as its history. When I begin a hobby, I go into it 150%. There is no middle ground with me! So my journey began...devouring all the scrapbook magazines I could find, visiting all the websites ( was one of my first!), seeing the inspiring layouts, & being eager to try all the new scrapbooking techniques. Look out scrapbooking! Here I come!

We relocated to FL, and I started a Memories R Us scrapbooking club in our community. I felt the need to share my love of this creative outlet with others. I wanted to inspire them to realize the importance of family documentation & history. With teaching as my background, this came naturally to me. We have two meetings each month where new techniques are shown & practiced. They know they'll never see me without my trusty camera! Each time I take pictures, it is with scrapbook pages in mind! I'm totally smitten with this industry!

I've been scrapping for 3 years & have completed 10 albums and have six more ongoing, but I'm still so far behind. My grandchildren's albums, Christmas albums, and family vacation albums are what I focus on each year. My heritage album is a work in progress, when time allows. One of the most important techniques, in my opinion, is journaling your thoughts and emotions. Pictures are so important, but how much more important, when sprinkled with senses & emotions journaling. How neat it will be 100 years from now when my great-great grandchildren read my feelings about special songs I sang to their parents & grandparents!

Finding was a real blessing to me. I not only love all the wonderful layouts, but the inspiration of the poems and quotes touch my heart. Of course, the easy navigation of the site encourages me to visit time and time again.

Scrapbooking is a family legacy that I can leave to my children & grandchildren, hoping to touch their lives with the tremendous love I feel for them.

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