Saturday, April 1, 2000    


Why I Love Scrapbooking

By:Shannon B

I love scrapbooking for several reasons. Firstly, I love it because I know that I am doing something positive for my family. I am preserving OUR family heritage for years to come. I also love scrapbboking because it gives a chance to reflect on the happy times of our life. As I watch my son grow each day it is easy to forget what he was like only a few short months ago. Scrapbooking reminds me of those precious moments that could have been so easily forgotten but are now preserved (hopefully) forever. The last, but not least reason that I love scrapbboking as it is a hobby that has brought me closer to friends and family. Scrapbooking has forged a very close relationship with my sister-in-law and has introduced me to new friends. It has brought me closer to my in-laws as I do pages for them to show them their grandson that lives far away and has brought me closer to my own family in preparing a Heritage album. What more can I say!!! I LOVE SCRAPBOOKING!!!

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