Monday, April 1, 2002    


An Uncomfortable Moment

By:Kimberly L.

It was a beautiful spring day, one of those days that was just right for a party. I was on my way to a baby shower for a friend of my husband, I was the kind invite since the party was for ladies only. I walked into the house and was given a warm welcome and shown into the living room for the party. I sat down on the couch watching the other conversations, and started to wish that I had graciously declined the invitation. My eyes wandered over the room admiring the cute farm and sunflower decorations, when I discovered an album on the coffee table. I asked the hostess if I could look at it, and she immediately sat down and started to go through the album with me. I was amazed at the beautiful pages with stickers, photos, and the stories explaining the moments. I started to ask all kinds of questions - how, where, cost, etc. She introduced me to a hobby she called scrapbooking, and here I am - 1 husband, 2 kids, 8 years, and 12 albums later admiring my obsession.

I ran home from that party, and explained that I had to return to her home the next weekend for a scrapbook party. My husband looked at me, and told me okay. If he knew then, what he does now he might have re-thought that decision. At her scrap party I learned new words such as “corner punch”, “card stock”, “sticker art”, “die cuts”, “journaling” and so many more. I completed 5 pages at that party, and I have not stopped. I have since scraped pages of birthdays, soccer games, vacations, boo-boo’s, and so much more. My only wish is that I had listened to her suggestion to start current - I am still not current to date!

You would think that with all of the journaling I have done, that explaining why I love scrapbooking so much would be simple. I love the fact that I am creating a lasting memory of my family. I have pages that I will be able to look at when my children have grown and moved on with their lives. I have albums that my children will be able to share with my grandchildren when I am no longer here. I teach a craft to my daughter so that she will be able to carry on the tradition of the family story book. I create albums for friends and family so that a piece of me can live on in their lives as well. I scrapbook because it allows me to uninhibited. I can share the memory exactly as I saw it, create the pages with the colors and accents that swirl in my mind, and leave my creative mark on the world. In a world that now sees the importance of our memories and special moments, I am glad that I have preserved so many of mine in my albums.

To think that the one of the great obsessions of my life (after my family and faith) all started with an uncomfortable moment. From that moment I have made many lasting friendships and was introduced to a wonderful art form in scrapbooking. It was a moment I will never forget - I know I won’t because I have already scraped that page in my album. The next question is, how will I scrapbook this moment?

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