Tuesday, April 1, 2003    


Scrapbooking and Men's Liberation!

By:Steven Bland

Ok, I admit it- I am a closet scrap booker- or at least I was! I am out of the closet now and into the scrap book store. I no longer fear for my personal safety when I sneak down the aisles of my local scrap booking emporium; no longer do I hide my secret desires to wade through mountains of patterned paper; no longer do I fear to mention the name of my one true love- Embellishments! I have no fear for I am a...Scrap Booker and I am male and I don't care who knows it. Scrap booking has liberated all my creative senses!

No longer am I ashamed to admit that I would rather be "cropping" the big game, rather then just watching it. Scrapbooking has freed me to be me! I am not a male who is trying to pretend he is all macho in front of the "guys". Now I openly display my ability to mix and match papers and textures, to choose just the right border and topper, to boldly crop outside of the box! I fearlessly expose my knowledge of adhensives, acid free pens, and embossing techniques. I want all men to know that there is no shame in being a scrap booker.

I want all men to rise up, deakle scissors in hand and unlease their creative power for all the world to see. Men unite for scrapbooking has been a woman's domain for far too long. Let's show them we are equals.

Let's show them we too can be inspired by baby pictures, wedding albums, birthdays, anniversaries, nature, the world - life! And let's capture those moments for all to see in our albums. Let us worship the goddess of scrapbooking- the venerable DMarie! For it is Dmarie.com that has truly set us free to be - Male Scrapbookers!

Amen or should I say Amarie!

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