Tuesday, April 10, 2001    


What do I like most about dMarie.com?

By:Jenny Waite, Michigan

I must confess. I'm a lurker. But I love to visit the dMarie website for many different reasons.

My favorite spot on the website is Picture Talk. I feel like I know everyone there and that they have become part of my extended family. Like when Michelle was in the hospital this summer and undergoing treatments, I had to lift up her name for prayers at my church. I felt rather silly at first, after all I was asking for prayers for someone that I have never met. But that is the power of friendship, even across many miles.

I've also shopped with dMarie and have been extremely satisfied with my purchases. Not only were the prices very competitive but the amount of time that it took for it to come to me was unbelievable. I've never ordered from any other company and received it so quickly.

My new favorite spot to visit is the Happy and Healthy board. Once again, I admit to only lurking but I find it very comforting to read about others who are struggling with some of the same daily issues that I struggle with. I can't wait to see some of the posted messages about Mark and his progress.

The next spot I plan to visit regularly is Layout Central. I would never post a layout, but I have gotten some great ideas from the gang here. I find it amazing that so many different people can create so many different layouts for the same common event.

I also voted with Creating Keepsakes that dMarie is my favorite site. I have told a friends about it and they love it to. I teach school and during our planning time we will log on and see what is going on.

Keep up the great work, Mark and dMarie! You have become a big part of my life.

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