Wednesday, April 10, 2002    


Scrapbooking has Changed my Life

By:Patty in Pa.

Scrapbooking has changed my life in many different ways. The first reason being my love of a new hobby. Several years ago a friend of mine wanted me to start scraping but I was short of the cash to get started with supplies. Now that I have started I find myself spending on my hobby of saving my families memories instead of other useless things.

I feel that scrapbooking has made me a more open person. I have meet many new friends from going to crops and from chatting right here at dmarie. I have even started an informal group at my church. We meet every Friday night when possible to crop together. I feel that I have become quite close to other ladies from my church which share the same love for the hobby. We are also like a support group for each other in times of need.

Another reason that I enjoy scrapbooking is that I am saving my families heritage for my family to come. I am more interested about my own past so that I can pass it on into my family's future.
I also love the support that I get from husband and children. And it makes me feel good when people enjoy looking at my work when it is done.

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