Monday, April 12, 1999    


Something in Common

By:Shelly R.

Something in common with my sister?? Not much, as far as I knew. She was friendly, outgoing, creative, an optimist, a perpetual go-getter. I, on the other hand, am less sure of myself, a pessimist, quiet, and more reserved.

After graduating from the same college, we both went our separate ways, and began raising our little families. We'd have short informational conversations on the phone and see each other once a year for vacations. She lived her life. I lived mine.

Then something changed. One summer when she was home visiting, she brought me an album, markers, and some neat little things called die cuts. She made me pull out a box of old pictures so we could look through them. Our parents had recently separated, and some of the family pictures brought tears to our eyes. We laughed over bell-bottom flowered pants, and giggled when we saw old gawky teenage pictures. That night, after she left, I realized something had happened. My sister and I had connected. The bond was always there, but this new thing called scrapbooking was strengthening that tie.

Now, albums later, we call on the phone and have lengthy conversations about stickers, paper, and ideas. More importantly, we talk about memories we are making right now with our own families, and share ideas about how we are going to preserve them.

This gift, called scrapbooking, she has given me has changed who I am. I have come out of the hollow shell I had been hiding in. I journal my thoughts and feelings and I create beautiful pages to share with my sons. I have even started my own business, and teach other people a wonderful art and hobby. I can only hope to make a difference for them that my sister made for me.

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