Thursday, April 12, 2001    


dmarie rocks!

By:T Schapiro

Dmarie is the absolute best thing to happen to scrapbookers. I live in NYC where scrapbook stores are non existent. Dmarie is a virtual lifesaver.

Start by heading on over to the layout section. The largest storehouse of layouts on the net, there are ideas for every type of layout imagineable. Whether you need some inspiration or a finishing touch, you will not come away emptyhanded. Working on a Heritage book? No problem. Head on over to the timeline section where you will find major events, etc, for each year. Stuck on a title or need a saying? Quotable quotes are available and catalogued for easy searching. And, when all else fails, there is always the chat land where someone is always willing to lend a hand.

Once you've decided on what you need,dmariedirect has the largest selection of products I've ever seen at low prices. The site is easy to navigate. The latest items are always available as soon as they hit the market. The items you choose are on display the entire time which eliminates guesswork or backtracking. All major credit cards are available and package delivery is the speediest I've ever encountered. I especially love to shop late at night while sipping hot chocolate. There is simply no easier or better way to shop.

As long as I scrapbook, dmarie will always be a big part of my day!

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