Tuesday, April 13, 1999    


How Scrapbooking has changed my life

By:by Donna, Konawa, OK

How has scrapbooking changed my life? While there has not been any one earth-shattering way that my life has been changed since I started scrapbooking, there have been many small, subtle changes in my life since that first day when I nervously cropped my first picture. Scrapbooking has opened my eyes to the small pleasures of everyday moments.

Although I have always tried to enjoy each and every day, there were many moments in my life that, once they were over,were lost, never to be enjoyed again. Once I discovered the joy of scrapping, I learned to save these moments, to be enjoyed over and over, through the years. While I have always taken pictures of the important moments of my life, the small, everyday joys of life were never documented.

Now, some of my favorite pictures, and memories, are of these small moments in time. Things such as my 2-year-old son sitting in his great-grandmother's lap, while she feeds him food from her plate, or my son walking between his grandfather and father, at the zoo, holding thier hands and chattering away about the elephants and tigers. Things such as my mother giving me a kiss on the cheek on my wedding day, or my father standing next to me, laughing, while I was pregnant with my son. These are tiny moments in time, which without scrapbboking, I might have lost forever.

Now, at any given time, I can take out my scrapbooks, and relive not only the unforgettable moments, but those that might easily have been forgotten.

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