Friday, April 13, 2001    


I sure was a cute baby, huh Mom?

By:Christy P

I love scrapbooking, because it give me the chance to be creative. I enjoy creating new layouts, and the satisfaction it give me when I have finished one that I am extremely pleased with. I enjoy the opportunity that it give me to get toghether with friends, so we can share ideas, help each other with just the right title, and compliment each other on all of our hard work.

It is fun to get together and just be able to talk and each others company. The thing that I love the most about scrapbooking is the happiness it brings to my children. I know that they can feel the love I have for them on each page that they look at. It is fun when they ask me if they can look at there "craftbooks".

I get to see their eyes light up and I get to see a big grin on their face, when they look of pictures of themselves. One of my son's always asks me. "I sure was a cute baby, Huh Mom?" I get to tell him that he was indeed a cute baby, and that I think he is an even cuter little man. I enjoy it when I get the chance to scrapbook, but I enjoy it the most when I get to show my kids their finished pages. I love the fact that I am able to leave them something that will help them remember their childhood, and how much they were truly loved!

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